Where does electricity come from

By | November 20, 2021
where does electricity come from

Where does electricity come from? Electrical energy is energy that is generated from various sources and required by electrical devices. Current in amperes (A), current consumption in watts and voltage in volts (V). Much electricity is converted into other energy to aid human activities such as lights, generators, and irons (heat).

When asked about the various electrical energy sources produced or where the electricity comes from, the answer is that it can be obtained from sources of coal, oil, solar, geothermal, wind, wave and nuclear energy. The total energy produced is measured in units from joules to tens of millions of joules.

The following are examples of different sources of electrical energy.


Diesel uses oil as fuel to generate electricity. Oil is easy to find in Indonesia as it is resource-rich. Diesel generators or generators are widespread in Indonesia, where there is still a lack of electricity, especially in the regions. Oil is a non-renewable resource considering it takes millions of years to process. Another alternative is to look for other energy alternatives.


Wind is a free source of electrical energy, but in practice we need a power plant / turbine big enough to get energy from the wind. This plant needs a spacious place and has strong wind quality. Wind energy is widespread in mountain areas.


Solar energy is a renewable energy that is widely used as a substitute for oil energy. Solar energy uses solar panels as a medium. Solar energy is unlimited, but it costs a lot of money to build a reactor. This energy cannot be used when the weather is cloudy or cloudy.


This energy uses ocean waves or waves in the ocean to generate electrical energy. This energy is very good for the environment as it does not cause pollution. A reactor is required to generate this energy. The energy generated depends on the strength of the waves, this energy is almost the same as wind energy.


Nuclear energy is one of the most powerful sources of energy. Besides being a nuclear power plant, it is also used in modern weapons today. The good thing about nuclear power is that a lot of energy can be generated with just a few materials. The weakness of nuclear energy is that there should be no work errors or accidents because it can be a major disaster. Nuclear energy must be handled by people who already have a qualification in their field. If a country wants to harness this energy, more attention is needed.


New stone is very easy to find, there are many coal producing countries that eventually use it as electrical energy. Coal is actually not very environmentally friendly as the smoke it produces is very dangerous to the health of ozone and the surrounding area.

Hence some explanations about the origin of electrical energy. As time goes on, there are more and more renewable energy sources that are environmentally friendly and stable. People always create great new inventions and can be used optimally for the future.

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